Four80East is a Canadian electro-jazz ensemble from Toronto, Ontario, with Rob DeBoer (keyboards, bass and guitar) and Tony Grace (percussion); accompanied by various session musicians. Although Four80East began as a studio concept, they have evolved into a live act. Their music is melodic with strong bass rhythms.

Four80East is a Toronto-based electro-jazz duo that’s all about the groove. Drawing from their diverse musical influences, Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace have created a signature sound that combines electronic production with live instrumentation.  

Since breaking out with their highly successful debut “The Album” in 1997, Four80East has been a mainstay on contemporary jazz radio, with eight studio albums and a double live album to their credit.  They have scored several top-ten Billboard hits, including their most recent #1 in 2019 with Cinco Cinco Seis.

Although the band was born as a studio project, DeBoer and Grace have been able to transform their layered and captivating sonic productions into a high-energy live show, with the help of the many world-class musicians who join them on stage. They perform as a six-piece ensemble.


Four80East began as a studio project when DeBoer and Grace, who had been writing, arranging and producing for other artists on their Boomtang Records label, put together material of their own and released it as The Album, in 1997. The Album was well received by critics and the public alike.

The pair's second album Nocturnal, was released in 2001; DeBoer and Grace wrote all of the songs for the album, and enlisted tenor saxophonist Jon Stewart, flutist Andrew McPherson, and trumpeter Ivana Santilli to contribute instrumentals.

The album Round 3 came out in 2002, and included contributions from harmonica player Carlos Del Junco. Their fourth album, En Route, containing instrumental dance music, was released in 2007.

Four80East's fifth CD, Roll On, came out in 2009, followed by a sixth, Off Duty, in 2012. Four80East LIVE, a collection of 15 select songs recorded from three different shows, was released in early 2014. The group is also featured on the 2007 compilation album, The Weather Channel Presents: The Best of Smooth Jazz.

Band members

Permanent members
  • Rob DeBoer - keyboards, bass and guitar
  • Tony Grace - percussion


Studio Albums
  • 1997: The Album
  • 2001: Nocturnal
  • 2002: Round 3
  • 2007: En Route
  • 2009: Roll On
  • 2012: Off Duty
  • 2015: Positraction featuring the hit single, ?Cookie Strut?.
  • 2018: Four on the Floor (ep - 5 tracks)
  • 2020: Straight Round
Live Albums
  • 2014: Four80East LIVE

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Please enjoy "Ba Ba Brazil"

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