Kat Taylor

Host Melodic Whispers

Monday-Sunday 12:00 AM - 6:00 AM

From fighting crime and guarding POTUS in the Nation’s Capital to behind the microphone, overnight Radio Personality Kat Taylor shares the airwaves with her smooth sensual voice that captures and hypnotizes her listeners when hosting the Melodic Whispers.

Kat’s playlist is an assortment of music from many different genres. Additionally, Kat delivers hot topics, local news, and the top five Smooth Jazz hits of the week. 


Want to listen to Kat? Tune in every morning between 12am - 6am to catch Kat Taylor hosting the Melodic Whispers on WEIB 106.3 Smooth FM. 



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StringPicker, 2 months ago
Listening to Kat's show right now is like nirvana. I think I have literally become addicted to WEIB, the on air talent and the incredible music. You guys are a diamond among the lumps of coal.
wmearly, 1 year ago
Kat Taylor. A rare mix of intelligence and beauty brings her musical repertoire to my radio like no other. Keep those Melodic Whispers in my ear Kat!!
Heshima, 1 year ago
Kat Taylor is the consummate professional. As an artist, Kat gives me so much respect, constantly keeping my music in rotation. Her shows are a beautiful mix of grooves and styles. Her on air personality is unforgettable! If you don't listen to her show, you SHOULD!
YCPRINCE5294, 1 year ago
Since losing our local smooth jazz station years ago, WEIB has become one of my favorite stations to listen to when online. Kat Taylor is a welcomed breath of fresh air. NDA
Derek Larsen , 1 year ago
Kat I've got people down here in Washington D.C listening to you. That voice is addicting and your selections are always on point. Keep it up Kat! You are amazing!
Ctjazzman, 1 year ago
I really have enjoyed listening to Kat ,the past few years... her soothing relaxing voice,goes perfectly with the wide selection of music that is played...Keep doing your thing.